1. Get Along / Swaying
    Jacky Boy

  2. Exploding / Bells​ / ASD ​Theme
    Air-Sea Dolphin

  3. Avant Vancouver
    Joujou Jaguar

  4. Fake Leg: The Fake Lake Demos
    The Coke Dares

  5. Air-Sea Dolphin / Sloshy
    Air-Sea Dolphin / Sloshy

  6. This Inner Light / S.L.T.
    Bardo Pond / Major Stars

  7. Fake Lake
    The Coke Dares

  8. Sonic Enlightenment
    Human Adult Band

  9. Love Goes / Dry Ice

  10. Cheap Life / Golem
    Joujou Jaguar

  11. Totally Tired (of Xmas)
    After the Fall

  12. Rabbit U.S.
    Rabbit U.S.

  13. Three-Sided Single: Volume 1
    The Coke Dares

  14. Rose Lens / Dinner Song
    Dot.s / Small Reactions

  15. CoastGhost2Coast B​/​W Spooksville, USA
    Haunted Homes

  16. Self Checkout

  17. Frogman / Weather On
    Honey Radar / Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

  18. Operator's Midnight
    Birds of Avalon

  19. Colony of Taste / Extension Nine
    Breathers / The Patient

  20. Micro​-​Impressions Volume 1
    Henry Owings

  21. Spontaneous Salute to Robert Quine
    Honey Radar & Friends

  22. Blood / Motorcycle Blue / Dayglow

  23. Give Up / Nymphs
    Death Stuff

  24. Sleep In / Hair

  25. Three Singles
    DiCaprio / NAG / Death Stuff

  26. Exploding / Spillman Was a Motorhead
    Air-Sea Dolphin / Honey Radar

  27. PG Tips
    No One Mind

  28. Honey Radar / Telepathic
    Honey Radar / Telepathic

  29. Debut Single
    The Kitten Band

  30. Plastique / Suffering

  31. Stanhill Wonder
    Year of Birds

  32. The Parachute Candidate
    Jason Henn

  33. Work From Home / Scrapbooks
    Tim Heidecker / Moor Hound

  34. Moment / Violet Violence

  35. Land of My Dreams / Dying to Sing
    No One Mind

  36. Here / Her
    All The Saints

  37. No One Mind
    No One Mind

  38. Wind-up Man / 172 Seconds Over Louisville
    Honey Radar / Henry Owings

  39. Summer Band
    Them Speaking Canaries

  40. Born Again / Baron Gain
    No One Mind

  41. Queen of Jeans
    Queen of Jeans

  42. The Hardly Music Story
    Various Artists

  43. Standard Final Candle
    Bronze Float

  44. New Dress (Debutante) / New York Swagger
    The Gotobeds

  45. Dance (Get Off Your Ass)
    Queen of Jeans

  46. Instant Replay Finger
    Honey Radar

  47. Shining Angel of My Dreams
    The Parade Schedule

  48. The Empire / Masking Tape
    Ivan The Tolerable

  49. The Rabbit's Voice
    Honey Radar

  50. Ain’t No Hallowed Ground / Half Light Blues
    Human Adult Band / Big Blood

  51. Weekend Forecast
    Josh Ottum

  52. Birds/Planes
    Honey Radar

  53. Encyclopedias Are Coming Back
    Gray Home Music

  54. Slack Handfuls of Nothing
    Year Of Birds

  55. Chain Smoking on Easter
    Honey Radar

  56. Chain Smoking on Easter (November Mix)
    Honey Radar

  57. Scorpions Bought Me Breakfast
    Honey Radar

  58. Love of Loneliness / Sickness Blues
    Tin Horses

  59. Shift Leader
    Gray Home Music

  60. Every Year That You Leap
    Gray Home Music

  61. I Don't Want to Know / Take It Off
    Human Adult Band

  62. Falling in Lilacs
    Detective Instinct

  63. Schoemer Songs
    Detective Instinct

  64. Observatorium
    Red Queen Hypothesis

  65. A Ballerina in Focus
    Honey Radar

  66. Honey Radar (3 x 7)
    Honey Radar

  67. Mary Plum Musket
    Honey Radar

  68. Golden Apple Pond

  69. The Book of Modern Homes
    Gray Home Music

  70. Observatorium b/w The Explosion Blast
    Red Queen Hypothesis

  71. 10 years of gray home music
    gray home music

  72. The Meltdown
    Gray Home Music

  73. The History of Headaches / American Novels
    Detective Instinct

  74. Hearing Damage Sessions
    Human Adult Band

  75. Fresh Water Mistakes
    Gray Home Music

  76. Farm Closet Tape
    Jason Henn

  77. Samantha
    Human Adult Band

  78. Into the Cheap Seats
    Gray Home Music

  79. Drifting Outdated Electronics & Whisper Jazz
    Gray Home Music

  80. The Kodachrome Parade & Mother Change Brain
    Red Queen Hypothesis

  81. Exiled Magicians
    Elephant Micah

  82. Vollmar

  83. Contorted in Deep Space
    Red Queen Hypothesis

  84. Peace Drills
    Jason Henn

  85. Motorcycle One
    Gray Home Music

  86. Feels Good Hurts / Wavy Oasis
    Vollmar / Microwave Background

  87. Oh, Look Out
    Jason Henn / Kitchen Typists

  88. Home Of Astronauts
    Elephant Micah

  89. Send Some Energy to Me
    Gray Home Music

  90. Songs of the Past, Songs of the Future
    Gray Home Music

  91. Where Do You Live
    Gray Home Music


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